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It provides a simple method for deploying and retrieving vessels, in a safe and controlled manner. Constructed from robust steel with a heavy-duty galvanised dacromet finish, BCF boat winches are designed for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The boat winch is used to take effort and stress out of launching your boat, so your next adventure is one to remember for all the right reasons. All Antal winch models, from XT40 to XT80.3, maxi W80.3ST and W90.3ST can be fitted with an electric winch. All electric winches are available with a chromed drum, now also black aluminium drums with a reinforced crown gear are available.
However, all Harken electric winches automatically disconnect the motor when a handle is inserted. The main difference is the handle disconnect is easier electric sailboat winch handle to release. The only thing to be careful of is that the winch handle is properly locked so the pin doesn't push the handle out of the socket.

Manoeuvring the boat under sail is simplified by the self-tacking jib and all the control lines are run aft to the electric winches at the helm, making for the perfect short-handed cruising setup! Berthing is made even easier with a retractable bow thruster to assist in guiding you effortlessly into your chosen dock. The swim platform aft is operated by a remote controller making access from the dock a breeze. Our unique tough Tiger range of winches are all of the planetary design, rugged in construction and engineered to exacting standards. Driven by a self-braking worm gear transmission providing a quiet, safe, maintenance free operation coupled to a purpose built powerful 240V electric brake motor.
For optimal battery life and performance, your battery capacity should be three times the daily draw. For example, if electrical draw is 100 amp-hours per day, you will need 300 amp-hours of battery capacity. Use single-speed winches for sheets on very small boats and for halyards on small and medium sized boats. We may also use your personal information in other ways to provide you with superior service. This may include using your personal information to advise you of new products and services. You have the right to tell us that you do not want us to send information to you other than for the main purpose for which we have collected your personal details.
All Harken standard powered winches drive through the winch's 2-speed transmission—first gear for speed, second for power. Harken motors attach directly to the drive shaft, so the gears turn the winch. This results in less drain on the battery with a smaller, more efficient motor to drive the winch. You will need wire, two switches, a control box, and a circuit breaker. We also recommend adding an optional load controller to protect your winches from overload.

4.5X 12V or 24V Quick Mount Hitch Winch Package with Synthetic Rope by Runva This efficient and reliable 4500lb ATV 12V/24V Runva winch is tough,... 3.5P 12V or 24V ATV/Utility Winch with Steel Cable by Runva This neat and compact 12v or 24v 3500lb ATV Runva winch is tough, versatile and can b... 3.5P 12V or 24V ATV Winch with Dyneema Synthetic Rope by Runva This neat and compact 3500lb ATV 12V or 24V Runva winch is tough, versatile and ca... These units have been pre-lubricated with premium grade materials before being sealed in the factory to ensure a long service life. Tiger chain hoists are also fitted with a fail safe electro-magnetic brake. In the event of power outages, the brake is automatically engaged.
We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website. Storage space for toys and equipment, quick access via cockpit floor. Binks Marine have over 60 years of yacht, marine and watersports knowledge and experience. Get in touch with our expert staff about your specific needs. Harken winch grease is a non-aging, high-adhesive synthetic lubricant with a temperature range from -200 degrees Celsius to 1500 degrees Celsius. Wind in, without getting wound up with the Ark 1900lb/860kg Trailer Boat Winch Launching and retrieving your boat has never been easier and less s...

The highly polished stainless steel drum surface provides an exclusive finish and look which will remain year after year. By cold pressing the drum from stainless steel it is much lighter and stronger than the traditional casting method. The base plate is cast from aluminum bronze, which had double the strength of ordinary bronze.
Instead a set of buttons installed on the high side or at the helm lets you trim in or trim out without going to the winch and unwrapping the sheet. For fast line speeds, winches size 60 and up can be special-ordered with three speeds. As with any equipment involved with marine towing, you have to consider the key specifications of the marine winch you need.

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The incredible power is thanks to a highly efficient brushless motor. It utilises a 25.2V lithium battery with a 3000 MAH capacity, enough for a full days sailing. Peak ATV 3500lb 12V Winch with Steel Cable by Mean Mother 4x4 Mean Mother ATV 3500lb winches have been designed to be compact and light weight and... Peak ATV 2500lb 12V Winch with Steel Cable by Mean Mother 4x4 Mean Mother ATV 2500lb winches have been designed to be compact and light weight an... Winch Selection Guide - Click and use use our Web services to electronically calculate the details of your winch selection. Please note that this guide is based on standards and will not reflect all variables and differences in the large variety of yacht types and sizes on the market.

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