Vintage Clothing Sale 2023

Alongside brands like Sister Studios, Suku and Missoni are other rarer thrifted finds. This shop is small but offers something for those with a discerning eye and expensive taste. Their specialties are vintage designer bags and glass bead purses. Martin Fella also stocks classy pencil skirts, blazers, and gold jewellery, alongside a smattering of jeans, quirky Hawaiian shirts and cheaper non-brand vintage. As the name suggests, this Brisbane vintage store is for prying eyes only.
Every week, a new influencer takes over and sells their preloved clothing and accessories. 19 vintage stores to peruse from the comfort of your pyjamas. For premium, sanitised Made by Air Clothing in Australia, shop OTC Vintage. We are collecting vintage and designer clothing from the late 1800s to the present day.

Prices vary across the different stalls, but you can usually find a rare gem for a fair price, whether that’s brown '70s earthenware, a pair of boots or some rose-coloured sunnies. You’ll find a concentration of stores in Fitzroy, with others dotted in the CBD, Brunswick and beyond. In their own ways, these stores revive our city’s fashion history. Want to seek out some vintage finds at Brisbane's best op shops?
Following in Goodbyes’ footsteps is Swop Clothing Exchange on Smith Street. These guys offer 30 per cent cash or 50 per cent store credit in exchange for customer clothes. The bright white store highlights the colourful racks of retro and recent trends. If you missed a dress or pair of pants from a boutique brand last season, chances are someone will drop theirs off at Swop when they’re done.

Among the bridal stores of Sydney Road is a vintage clothing joint that injects a bit of cool into the shopping strip. Still Good offers affordable vintage from the '70s right up to the noughties. It’s not the kind of vintage store that’s full of wholesale filler stock. Each item is thoughtfully curated with style, personality and, sometimes, a bit of humour. One-off hand-knits hang next to grunge-era corduroy jackets, a great range of suit pants, shirts and a decent sale rack. The relaxed space is decorated with indoor plants and a collage of vintage magazine cutouts in the change room.
Vintage clothing in Australia is a big deal, and Levi's® is where you will find the best vintage jeans, trucker jackets, and vintage collar shirts on the market. Retro and vintage style is unisex, from vintage 80s all the way back to the rock and roll look. Levi’s® has clothing for women and clothing for men that will suit your style, whatever look you’re after. Rockabilly shoes, dresses, retro t-shirts, and men’s bowling shirts are just some of the items on offer that customers across the country continue to love. To 6XL and men's S to 5XL, no one needs to miss out on creating timeless looks with pieces that are cool, classy and stylish. American Rag is said to be the first vintage store of its kind to be established in Melbourne’s CBD back in 1991.

Featuring designs from brands like Liquorbrand, Hell Bunny, Hotrod Hellcat, and more, the spirit of old-school fashion is strong within our line. Alongside those names, we’ve added our own Poison Arrow Retro collection, with one-of-a-kind designs that can’t be found anywhere else. From linen, to denim, to wool, to silk - know these pro tips to lengthen the lifespan of your clothes and avoid disaster on laundry day. “People have a sense that the fashion industry tends to create a lot of landfill, and by purchasing second-hand items you’re not contributing to that,” she says.
Use the online men’s and women’s fit guide and refine your search for the best vintage clothing according to style, type, fit, and comfort. Discover more about what we do, our collections and collaborations, and anything else in our FAQs. Poison Arrow is one of the leading online vintage stores in Australia; your portal to a world of incredible retro style clothing cuts, colours, and prints, available for ladies and gentlemen that live Down Under.
In 2019, about 40 per cent of Generation Z said that they were buying outfits second hand, reselling site ThredUp said. For the past four-and-a-half years she has travelled to op shops all over NSW to source vintage wares for her store in Katoomba. When Allegra Benmayor was a teenager, she bought a vintage Yves Saint Laurent wallet for 50 cents and sold it online for $150. It began a passion for rummaging through old clothing and accessories, and she has since turned this hobby into a career. “As consumers we can also make money in the second-hand market by selling quality items we no longer wear,” the agency says. He says the rise of fast fashion has made customers realise that older clothes are often made better.

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