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Both families lived in the country and were farmers. My name is Leon Glazer and I was born on 13th June 1923 in Bielsko. I was born Glaser, but I had to change my father's surname immediately after the war because German surnames were compulsorily, automatically Polonized. [The Polonization of German-sounding names was part of the de- Germanification after World War II.] . I always went by the name of Leon, even before the war, in school and everywhere, but I think my given name is Lazar.

I don't know what he did there or what he had gone for. My parents didn't share stories like that about the family much. They just didn't talk about those things. I found out about that brother of Father's by chance - that he was in Bucharest - because I saw the letters when they came. As I've already mentioned, one of Father's sisters lived in Plaza. Most of Father's family was there, but I don't remember who lived there apart from her or how those people were related to Father.
But our officer neighbor on the 4th floor is against everything. It was an army apartment, a co-operative apartment bought by the army. The army was no longer building many of its own apartment blocks then, just wherever a co-operative block was being built they bought up apartments for their officers, and not only officers.

Al Ain is a harmonious mixture of marvelous nature and urbanization. Such Awards and participations by Al Ain City give prominence to the United Arab Emirates in the international forum, reflecting the goals of Abu Dhabi Government to become one of the top five governments worldwide. This is an incentive to reach excellence and will give the City an opportunity to obtain further applause on all international levels.
Beforehand my friend had informed me that I should testify as badly as possible against him, because after all he'd been a mean SS-man and that was it. That Ruff wasn't the worst, he was fairly alright, and so I didn't know what to say in court about him. The judge asked me if he had been cruel. I say, 'Yes.' I just said the worst thing I could have said. He got 15 years' imprisonment thanks to our testimonies. I don't know whether he did that much time, but presumably he was let out earlier.

(Hagenwerder -) Hagenwerder Grenze - Krzewina Zgorzelecka - Trzciniec frontier and Trzciniec frontier - Hirschfelde Grenze (- Hirschfelde ) . There is a 200m stretch of line in Germany between the two frontiers at Trzciniec. The line is operated only by ODEG trains on the Zittau - Görlitz - Cottbus route . Eastbound diversions initially take a split of line 763 parallel with the main line until diverging towards the west end of Wrocław Brochów yard.
Land did not have much value because the real estate market of the capitalist economy did not exist. The situation was similar with apartments and other premises. The sparse premises for craft trade or services were owned by the country or work institutions or the Consumer Cooperative or Farmers' Self-Help Cooperative. Housing development was governed by the principles of the socialist economy. It was characterized by constant shortages in relation to needs.

marker at Korwinów and various travellers have confirmed these services taking option . The timetable map view shows this pair of trains not calling at Inowrocław but instead using the south - north freight avoiding line. Transport exclusion has a negative impact on the dynamics of socioeconomic processes and may interfere with sustainable development plans of stakeholders operating in a given area. The phenomenon is characterized by particular intensity in peripheral border localities with a low population density and outdated public transport system . The usefulness of the said model underwent verification with respect to the possibility of estimating the scale of transport exclusion in peripheral border areas based on the example of the Polish–Slovak border area .
Wagons were put on, those cattle ones, naturally. From Pustkow itself, because skup aut katowice there was a siding there. We didn't know anything of what was going on.
The SS trained in Pustkow as well, and there was a big training ground. They were changing all the time, some arriving, others going. And there, in April 1940, I arrived to work and I was to work as a normal laborer. I wasn't particularly badly off as yet, back then. In Kolbuszowa we met a Jewish family; they had a farm in the village. We stayed there for a period of some two weeks, just over, but the Germans invaded there too.

And that book - not just that one, because there were a lot of those books all over Poland - was sent to Warsaw and is in the Historical Institute. In January we were evacuated and we left our base in Gliwice. We were taken one evening, it was already dark.

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