Driving Lesson Pricing and Packages

Their lessons were extremely helpful and their guidance allowed me to become a very comfortable and confident driver. They were extremely kind and encouraging which helped a lot in allowing me to achieve my p's. I have always enjoyed the time spent with my driving Instructor Ashraf from Sydney South Driving School. He is a professional instructor and he is very supportive right from the start of my lessons until I take the final step of my exam. He always see my strengths and he knows how to work on my weaknesses on driving.
He was very professional, flexible and knowledgeable. I cannot thank enough to George for supporting me to pass my driving test. ⭐️I passed my test on first attempt after 3 lessons only.⭐️Ashraf is honestly the best instructor I could've ever ask for. His cheapest driving school sydney patience and professionalism is very much appreciated as well as the time and effort he puts in to ensure the success of our driving. He is very clear with his instruction and goes into good depth to ensure that everything is being well understood.

From 50 years experience, we have designed Australia’s most complete driver training program with a well respected and sought after teaching style. Our course is centred on the safe driving principles of space and vision. When you enrol with LTrent you get the country’s most comprehensive training program, highest rated trainers and world class service. Galaxy Driving School Sydney specialise in putting learner drivers – first-timers as well as people who’ve had bad experiences elsewhere – at their ease. If you’re feeling anxious about learning to drive, we’d love to convince you that driving tests and Sydney traffic are not as intimidating as they seem. At Galaxy Driving School, our aim is to coach people in being drivers that are just as confident as safe in driving in all sort of situations.
He provided me with so much of good knowledge which helped me alot during my driving test... He was always on time and very professional... I will definitely recommend all my friends... New learners usually lose control over the vehicle and fail to respond in a sudden situation which is highly unsafe. All our vehicles are installed with dual controls and our instructors are taught to deal with the situation and maintain safety.

There is no one better to have by your side if you are a little anxious about congested roads, perilous intersections, and driving during rush hour. They have a lot of experience instructing on these roads and are aware of the rewards and difficulties they present. They'll impart all this information and make sure you're ready for anything on test day. If you want to boost your chances of success, there's only one choice to make. Both George and Ashraf were amazing instructors!
Our team is friendly and cooperative with all the clients that smoothen the learning process. I went through so many rude instructors; they didn’t have patience, and all could careless if I passed the behind the wheel test. I really wanted my license, but I got tired of wasting my money on Driving instructors that wasn’t helping me or preparing me for the DMV test. I thought i try one more time to find a good driving school. A driving lesson gift voucher can be a great practical gift to give to people learning to drive.
Buy 10 Lessons in advance and save $60.00, 10 hour lessons on Automatic car. Buy 5 Lessons in advance and save $15.00, 5 hour lessons on Automatic car. In addition, the parent/supervisor will be guided in how to help the learner gain confidence and prepare for safe P plate driving. Buying Driving Lesson Packages can often be the most convenient way to learn.

He was really friendly and professional I passed my test on the first go would definitely recommend. Fantastic driving school, we have used others but this driving school has extremely professional, patient and have had an awesome result. During covid restrictions you felt comfortable and safe as they completely and strictly adhered to regulations to a T. George was a fantastic instructor at Gregory Hills.
They cover all Sydney metro areas including Sydney city and the CDB. City driving is an important skill and driving lessons in Sydney CBD will equip you for anything future driving brings. Your lessons include driving across the Harbour Bridge or through the tunnel and everything in between.

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